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  1. I hope you got to see Reaching for Glory: Inside Irish Rugby ’07 (RTE 2 TV) last week? It was great re-living that (one) great match in the Croker!

    btw I presume the Basques’ singing did the business at Stade Jean Dauger?

  2. Hi Steph,

    I didn’t see the programme – the problem of multi-channel TV is that you never watch anything!

    Apart from O’Driscoll’s face being broken Ireland won the Battle of Bayonne 42-6, mainly due to three Hickie tries. But the Basques sang on – I think Les Bayonnais are used to living in the shadow of Biarritz Olympique, which is very close by – Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz is one big city. We saw BO the previous year against Sale in a ‘Battle of the Champions’, the atmosphere at Aguilera did not match that at Jean Dauger.

  3. It is Les, especially when you compare it with the offerings of the English and Irish fans. I was checking a fans’ website and they have one song all in Basque and another in French that has five (!) verses.
    The French fans even bring musical instruments with them.

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