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  1. “The church has responded to its declining persuasive powers by becoming even more assertive about its own authority”

    This is so true and why I think the pentacostals are taking off world wide. They make an offer that appeals to the young, it’s less dogmatic gentler, happier . . there’s rock music and conventions, gatherings and coffee shops and whilst they advocate strict moral behaviour it’s much less fire and brimstone than the conventional churches.

    The protestant church out here has become more like the Catholic in the 60s . . ‘thou shalt not!’ I know many kids who attended Protestant religious schools and they’re simply getting it wrong, striking the fear of God into youngsters. One even has a “Fear God” decal emblazoned across the back of her car.

    The Catholic Church whilst still wildly sacramental and dogmatic has a much more ‘jesus loves you’ approach. Confession seems to have been usurped by liturgical movement! (needless to say, they are not much liked by the Pope!)

    As you say, by offering the story we can achieve something. As you know, I’m not a religious person but I have total respect for ‘the message’. I love the way you explain this stuff. It makes so much sense!

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