Tricky memories — 5 Comments

  1. Ian, we should move on and accept that we are part of a 21st Century European society.

    I blog and podcast about the past, not to hanker after it but to show how different life is now. Life was tough back then, did we have stress? I am sure we did but getting down on two knees to scrub a floor, or digging a vegetable patch soon worked it off!

  2. The trouble is that the floors have all turned to laminate and the vegetable patch is now a lawn!!!The Hovis advert hill is actually in Dorset!!!!Nothing is real anymore

  3. I have issues with Truth Commissions. Who’s truth? You’re right about South Africa is it really productive unless there are ‘atrocities’ that need to be addressed. Are witchhunts satisfying to either side? The victor’s write history so it’s very difficult to ascertain the truth without a heap of solid evidence. Will George Bush and John Howard be subjected to a Truth Commission in years to come. I’m with GrannyMar, I too reminisce and I’m sure there’s a bit of historical license there but I write what I remember, not necessarily what was the absolute truth.

    Now on a much lighter and ultra trivial note Rev. You seem to have escaped the meme and tag rounds so I’ve tagged you. It’s nothing painful or personal so have a go. See if the truth wins out!

  4. As years go by I realise more and more truth is only what people are prepared to believe

  5. Baino,

    Having watched his concession speech to Kevin Rudd on ABC on the night of the election results, I think Johnny Howard might be more amenable to facing a Commission than George W! I didn’t like his politics but I thought there was decency in him.

    I’m not sure what the tag/meme is – I checked your site and there’s no mention of it, perhaps it’s as Les says and nothing is real anymore. Clergy are exempt under international law, non-combatants and all that.


    Your point is precisely why a Truth Commission will not achieve anything.

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