Straddling history — 5 Comments

  1. Ian, my father often talked about walking across the fields to school in bare feet. He came from Co. Clare and was born in 1911. The cows had to be looked after before they set out.

  2. Ian I hope someone does write down Jack and the older generations memories, People of our generation may be able to relate to some of the memories, and it may not mean anything to later generations but it is part of our history. I tell my lads that they are lucky to have a light to come on at the flick of a switch , 35 years ago I went to bed in the dark as my Mother wouldn’t let me take an oil lamp upstairs!!!!

  3. Grannymar, how many are there left to remember such things? There seemed a point in the past thirty years where we suddenly moved from the past to the present. Les’s description of the oil lamp was how things had been for a century or more (and he and I are only 18 days apart in our ages). History seems to progress in sudden leaps rather than in smooth movements.

  4. Wonderful yarn Ian. I’m about to embark on some volunteer work with elderly people and am trying so hard to chronicle my own family’s history but it’s very difficult. We emigrated when I was 11 so had no opportunity to probe them for such stories. I know my father’s family lived in industrial England in a baker’s shop and my Grandad was blinded by a bomb blast in the Blitz and he did have shoes but they were leather and wooden clogs . . I have them here . . .I imagine my Welsh relatives on my mother’s side may well have been barefoot farmers or miners . . . DH Lawrence did a pretty good job of the miners plight in Sons and Daughters.

  5. Baino,

    Lawrence was a bit before my time. I thought “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” was very good.

    If you didn’t keep changing email addresses, I wouldn’t have to keep approving your comments!

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