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  1. Herself would not have allowed him out in a woolly hat – least of all one like the blue one in the picture.

  2. Ian. You have no idea what he can look like if he escapes the house unsupervised and unchecked. It’s the Great Unwashed down from the mountains, and in slippers. I kid you not.

  3. Amen brother! For me it’s a local American Legion Club where I can go in sweat pants and my old wool sweater.
    I can also smoke and scratch there too.

  4. But the scruffier you are, the less you care, the older the money!

    Old money wouldn’t be seen dead in a BMW 4X4 or dressed in one of those hideous ‘fashion’ labels. I have a Barbour coat and when it was new one of my parishioners offered to leave it on the floor of her horsebox for a couple of days so it didn’t look naff. It’s very old and battered now with a couple of tears and many signs of wear. I think Himself should have one like it – together with a grubby old tweed cap!

  5. Haha . . too true. My happy place is a glass of wine in a sunny garden on a Sunday afternoon with BabyBro, Stressany and three dogs. Mind you I wear trakky daks cos I can’t afford designer labels!

  6. But, Baino, that’s the point, why would you want designer labels? Old money buys ‘good’ stuff not fashionable stuff and doesn’t worry about it.

    Grandad is at this very moment practicing an accent that would identify him as what Brendan Behan would have called a ‘horse Protestant’

  7. Special moments of relaxation I can relate to that. The last one for me was the Sunday before last. 5 club members met at a grid ref on Salisbury plain at 8.00 AM got our gas stoves out and had a breakfast fry out in the early morning frosty February sunshine then spent the rest of the day laning in our Landies ahhh bliss.Scruffy jeans and a padded shirt comfy!!!

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