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  1. However, for those who are unable to be present in the community to take their place in worship – the Sunday morning experience – albeit second best – is a valuable and valid expression of faith. Best wishes for that service! And now – I’m off to celebrate mid-week Holy Communion with a handful of rural folk.

  2. Liz,

    I was being uncharacteristically provocative ;-). I think broadcast stuff works when there is a genuine attempt to engage with people. BBC used to have a Sunday morning programme in the early 90s where they invited people to light a candle at hoe and to have their own piece of bread to break (a colleague of mine used to go mad at this idea – I was never sure what he made of a group of itinerant Jews breaking bread together). Radio works much better because it is much more one to one. What doesn’t work is just allowing the cameras to look in on things.


    Do you mean a suit like Uncle Andy had on “Will you give my head peace?” No, it’s not my colour, anyway I’m always spilling things. I went to to England for ten days in October and took twelve shirts and three jackets because I’m so clumsy

  3. We’re inundated with American evangalists on our early Sunday morning Tv and that ratbag bunch from Hillsong of course. I thought the catholics were greedy asking for two collections (one for the Parish and one for the priest) but these guys just seem to spruik for money all the time. We do get “Songs of Praise” tho. My grandma used to love that show!

    Glad you’re messy. I can’t seem to eat anything without splotching . . especially if I’m wearing a white shirt! Fwoooaaar.

  4. “Church as a spectator activity does not work.”

    I have to agree with you there, Ian, though it makes for good watching when your own parish is on the box and you get to see all the old familiar faces looking back at you.

    Good luck with the final recording! I hope there isn’t someone in the studio congregation with a bad cough 😉

  5. Ian
    Will the recording be shown on an Irish channel? Will you be able to get it to me somehow if it is ?
    Good luck, Dont have too much gravy with your dinner it always lets you down when you have your best shirt on!!!!!

  6. the script for the broadcast on Easter morning got mangled up last night! I have to rework it by Monday 🙁

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