Unhappy schooldays — 8 Comments

  1. I remember those well – Unhappy schooldays! My comment is far to long. I have more than enough for a full post. It might help clear my bitterness with ‘The Nuns’!

  2. I went to school rather more recently than the fifties and I don’t remember ever being belittled or mocked, but I do remember the frustration of a couple of occasions when my teachers gave me answers (or, worse, corrected my work) and I knew they were wrong. For example, I remember writing something like ‘Grandma made tea for Mummy and me’ and having it corrected to ‘Mummy and I’. Now, however, I see it from the other side. I cringe remembering some of the mistakes I made the first time I tried to teach Old English as a graduate student. There were so many things I had never formally learnt myself, and suddenly I ran up against them…

  3. Ian

    I remember a certain school dinner lady (High Ham) being a bit of a bully(belittling kids) especially if you didn’t excell at sports!!

  4. Dot,

    I think there was a huge shift in attitudes, Les’s reminder brought back memories I had successfully repressed for years.

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  6. But surely as the old song says “School days are the happiest days of your life”,

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