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  1. Your friend sounds like he’s confusing money and happiness although I guess one helps us get on with the other! With the price of petrol these days, driving any car is a luxury! We have a lot of new money here too . . .my mother used to have a saying “All money and no class!” very snobbish but it rings true!

  2. What strikes me is that the gap is becoming ever wider between the have’s and the have-not’s. I take consolation in the fact that you can’t buy happiness 😀

  3. Baino,

    I think David’s point was that Irish people had convinced themselves that they had to have all these things to attain some measure of happiness.


    I think the gap has widened considerably – but that is what Irish people have voted for consistently. The problem with democracy is that society tends not to be pyramid shaped, with the majority at the bottom, but diamond shaped with the majority in the middle. As long as that middle is comfortable, it is not going to worry too much about those below.

  4. Trouble is the poor Range Rovers lead a boring life never being used properly off-road. I can only afford a Freelander but it spends a lot of time on the green-lanes. Wish I had a Rangie it would be regularly Laned,scratched and dirty. The same sort of people drive them over here too Ian. Its the ‘Get out of my way cos I’ve got more money than you and I’m more important than you’ brigade. I call ’em ‘Nose Troughers’ ie they have to have their noses in all the latest materialistic troughs!!!!

  5. But surely the humble four by four is a necessary fashion item to be taken off the road (not off road) every sunday morning to be lovingly polished by it proud servant

  6. Peter I agree most 4×4’s are fashion items and never get taken laning or off roading. This look how big I am attitude and blocking up small roads around the schools where most 4×4’s hunt only fuels the anti 4×4 bandwagon.You will find me most Sundays (thats if I’m not laning) cleaning and polishing my old Freebie in between checking the roast and cooking the rest of the veg, I always power wash all the under side and check all mounts fixings and pipelines as a well maintained vehicle is essential when laning or off road. My Freelander may go to some out of the way places but it’s probably one of the best maintained Freelanders in the supermarket car park when it goes shopping!!!!!

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