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  1. A thought along similar lines, there is in Britain a’Black Police Officer’s Federation’ I wonder what would have been said if someone had started up a ‘White Police Offecers Federation’ surely they are ALL police officers?

  2. I take your point – in an equal society there should be the need for only one association, but in the case of the police there was the acknowledgment of “institutional racism”.

    I think the deeper problem is that the Left in Britain have sought to redress past wrongs against minorities in such a way that they exclude the very working people they claim to represent. It wasn’t the ordinary working man who denied people housing, or jobs, or opportunities, it was people much further up the system – yet “inclusive” policies are seen by many working people as directly detrimental to their own welfare. Unless things are brought into the open, the BNP will continue to make progress in places like Barking.

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