Walking to Holcombe — 4 Comments

  1. Ian

    That was not an easy walk, the pale skinny kid is very recognisable as the pale skinny kid I used to know. I too used to be a skinny kid, not skinny anymore!!!!! Although S.W.M.B.O. reckons I am still like a kid at times!!

  2. is that Paul Pope in the front third from right? I just remember him being really tall.

  3. No, Popey had dark curly hair, and was still only thirteen when that picture was taken – his birthday being 15th May. That big guy is called Keith Burrell, he was 6 foot and some inches – the guy in between us is dead – some of the others probably are as well. The fellow second left in the back row joined the British Army and had his nerves shot to pieces in Northern Ireland. The two guys at the right hand ends were expelled for trying to burn down the classrooms in January 1977.

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