Maps, ferries and trees — 5 Comments

  1. I’m jealous I’d love to go to Canada. We have very cheap public transport (including ferries) for the over 55’s (almost there) but our bridges seem to be replaced by tunnels with tolls and cashless toll booths (we have to have an e-tag in the car). One of the last and most enduring ‘punts’ in NSW has just closed down on the Hawksebury River at the no longer aptly named Wiseman’s Ferry . . we’ll have to rename it Wiseman’s Bridge – it too was free.

  2. Tanzania sounds just up my street, with the technical bridge crossing, I would have loved to have been driving. Canada sounds fantastic, I too would love to go.

  3. Grannymar – the M50 doesn’t have a toll charge…

    That’s their car park fee! 😉

    Ian – as regards your ‘toll charge’ to cross the African river bed – necessity is the mother of invention… those workers needed your 5 quid more than any Canadian.

    Enjoy your excursion to Canada goes well!

  4. The Canada trip is at the end of June and arises from the Irish government’s special savings scheme that finished last year (they gave 25% on top of anything you saved, plus you got interest).

    You’re right, Steph,they needed the money, but it showed that poverty and corruption go hand in hand

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