Worship and buying milk — 10 Comments

  1. Good on the convenience store, unfortunately it probably had to open on Easter Sunday to make a profit due to Tesco undercutting everything it sells. Tesco will eventually drive it under as it has done over here riding rough shod over everything and everybody in its drive to rule the consumer world. I hope it doesn’t start on religion!!!HAPPY EASTER.

  2. Excuse the use of Roman Script:

    Christos Anesti!
    Alithos Anesti!

    Happy Easter.

  3. Ian – HAPPY EASTER!

    and congrats on your television performance this morning.

    Thanks to the incorrect scheduling of RTE/Irish Times, I only got to see the last ten minutes of the service but as they say in Tesco…

    “Every little helps” 😀

  4. Grannymar,

    I’m taking tomorrow off, but am back to work this week because I’m taking five Sundays off in the summer.


    Needless to say the man working at 7.00 on a Sunday morning was Chinese.


    Isn’t that English script, just like we have English numbers?


    I don’t know why they got the time confused, right from the start the broadcast was to be the 45 minutes prior to the Pope.


    Shouldn’t you be getting ready for the evening service?


    Yes, I should

  5. Ian, the TV schedule said 10.05 and when I sat down to watch, an ‘Easter tale’ was broadcast. I checked back 5 mins later and still no service. It was only by chance that I remembered to look again at 10.45 and luckily, was just in time for the bread and wine!

    I guess you’ll be exhausted by the time this long day is out. At least it didn’t rain this morning – the Pope was nearly washed away in Rome!

  6. RTE don’t provide playback facilities on their website for religious programmes.

    The Roman Catholic Church does not allow prerecording of Mass, it must always be live, so they would not allow any of their services on the site and we are such a small minority that there would be little interest in ours being on the website

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