Rural lessons — 3 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed that trip down to Tullamore,the description was really live. Devon from September till April is a bit like that, then the rest of the country comes down for their holidays. Thats why I like coming to Ireland for mine!!

  2. You paint a pretty picture Ian. That’s the Ireland I’d like to see! Cities apart from their historical or architectural merit are for the birds . . give me a strong horse and a country lane any day!

  3. You brought back memories from my young days.

    Our journey started further back. Having crossed the City we had the K-tump, k-tump, k-tump of the old Naas Road with the Concrete surface. It was like driving in a car with square wheels. Then you had the humps and hollows of the boggy road across the Curragh with sheep wandering onto the road and then standing to study the world! They worked better than any speed camera!

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