From a distance – no-one's watching us — 6 Comments

  1. Haha . .he’s probably right but he didn’t factor in the old worm hole! How’s them eggs? hmmmm? Pop that in your stargate and jump to warp speed!

  2. Ian I could send over some of my ‘subbies’ I’m sure they are from another planet!!!!The brickies are proably the best contenders!!!

  3. Baino,

    Wormholes in space are theoretical, politicians, unfortunately, are not.


    I thought it was only builders’ trousers that operated outside the laws of time and space, I’m alarmed that it’s the entire builder who is from a different planet

  4. Might there not be unknown creatures living in the deep-sea trenches who could rise up and sort ou t the tax shortfall?:-)

  5. Alice,

    What an intriguing prospect – ten years on from the McCracken Tribunal, we could have the Kraken Tribunal.

  6. There is no control over the trousers, they are usually at least 2′ (or 600mm to the younger readers)from the brain!!! and their arms are too long to pull them up!!

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