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  1. I love those postcards . . is it a member of your family or just stuff you pick up? I have a couple sent from one of my Great, Great uncles to my Gran during the first world war . . they are hand made and stitched with embroidery from France. He was killed there at 22 years of age so they are indeed treasures.

    I’m an internet junkie so all my correspondence is in email form but I save anything of significance . . I’m a great ‘note writer’ when things go well or I have a gripe and don’t want a fight . . the kids put them on their noticeboards! Nobody could ready my kacky handwriting anyway.

  2. Baino,

    It’s family stuff – Katharine’s great uncle and aunt. I didn’t know Tom, but knew Nora; Katharine was next of kin and I was executor for their daughter Pat who died in November 2006.

    We are hoping to find where Nora’s brother Robert (b. 1876) worked in British Columbia when we go to Canada.

  3. Post cards, especially picture post cards are a window on the past, more so than letters. I have a fair number going back to the 1890s some have writing on some have not.
    Among them are cards with lace fastened on them and small message cards written by my grandfather to my Mother when he was in the army in France 1914-1918

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