Paying for Lisbon — 4 Comments

  1. Good question, Ian

    But they’ll need to carry out another review before they can answer it 🙁

    Incidently, as part of the HSE cutbacks at the nursing home – all respite beds were also cancelled. One staff nurse had the job of ringing around all the families affected to inform them that their much-needed respite service was gone. You can imagine the devastation caused in families who care 24/7 for their old/sick/disabled/demented loved ones. How low can the HSE stoop? However, I was delighted to see a notice up this week, announcing that following negotiations with the HSE, the decision had been reversed and funding would be provided for respite care. A little relief in an otherwise bleak picture.

  2. It is so frustrating that none of our politicians will give a straight answer to the question. If there is no money available to pay for more tanks and guns, then they cannot say ‘yes’ to an agreement they cannot fulfil; if there is money, then why is it not being used for our sick and our homeless and our children?

  3. This constantly frustrates me. There seems to always be a slush fund for military purposes no matter how ‘small’ or ineffective the contingent of forces are. Our boys are doing a good job in Afghanistan but the cost of keeping them there is enormous (not even going to talk about Iraq or Timor) I’d be more worried about the clause about improving military capabilities . . .sounds like a dangerous precedent to me.

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