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  1. A lovely tale!

    You’d swear that prayer book had a life all of it’s own. It reminds me of the story of The Velveteen Rabbit. You’re a real Magic Fairy! Ian 😀

  2. Ian, They say He works in mysterious ways, the book had been helped to find it’s way home.

  3. Steph,

    It might be a bit claustrophobic at times, but working in a community where everyone is someone’s cousin does have its advantages!


    Weird things happen sometimes! The odds against me picking up that book were phenomenal.

  4. That’s so sweet. Six degrees of separation, even for a book. I think the days of writing names in books are over. If I buy books for people (rare) I always write inside the cover and date it. My mother always did that even with recipe books I might get for Christmas. They’re treasures because she wrote lovely little things in them.

  5. Reminds me of Miss Todd’s Uncle who put the crown on Elizabeth! I confess to having read every post from Good Friday until today! Being off-line for over a month was a real headache. Now “For the Fainthearted” will be on the regular diet again. Thanks.

  6. Dear help ye, Liz, reading that much depressing stuff cannot be good for you!

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