A little light relief . . . — 4 Comments

  1. Haha . . I dare you to give it a go! “having a boy look” is a common phrase in our house .. men just can’t find things that are right under their noses. And mine has big trouble with the word ‘IN’ can’t get things in the laundry basket or in the bin! Good luck on your own and remember . . there’s always pot noodles!

  2. Ian

    The reason we cant find anything is that our other halves are always putting things away in cupboards or drawers, and I’m sure that they get things out when our backs are turned and tell us that ‘it has been there all the time cant you see’ Ha Ha and this one will wind the ladies up….Day 2 BASIC DIFFERENCES BETWEEN YOUR MOTHER AND PARTNER .. There isn’t they are both women!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A further thought on toilet rolls, why do women seem to always hang them with the end against the wall

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