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  1. Ian

    You have reminded me of another person I had forgotten, so many years pass and we also forget. If you had asked me of a feature I remembered from Mr Britten it would have been his close cropped hair. What was the car? I can remember it being strange having a Male teacher only having known Miss Rabbage and Miss Everitt, although I have a vague recollection of a Mr Shields who came once a week to teach art I think???!!!! Any memories of him Ian As I am going through middle age now that is why I live life to the full!!!!!!

  2. So true. I thought 30 was a milestone . . then 40 . . now I’m 50 it’s so UNFAIR! I never minded telling people my age until I turned 50 then all of a sudden it seemed old and embarassing and for some unexplained reason, i started to ‘look’ my age for the first time in my life. Ho hum! Then I look at my life and the fact that my husband died at age 35 . . .each day after that is a bonus!

  3. Les, I remember Mr Shield with great fondness. A gentle man with greying hair. I loved Fridays.

  4. I don’t think I could have coped with being widowed at 35 (or any other age for that matter – I’m going first)

    I think Mr Britten’s car was a Hillman Avenger. I only remember because someone in the class was looking for ‘K’ registrations – new cars were rare in 1972, and Mr Britten said, “What about mine?”

    Mr Shield had been a member of an RAF bomber crew in the war. Maybe he wasn’t as old as I remember him, in fact, he might only have been in his fifties.

  5. Ian do you know I think you’re right Mr Britten did have a Hillman Avenger,
    Paula Mr Shield still attended once a week when you were at school!! He must have been around for a few years.He probably was only in his fifties It was us as kids thinking the teachers were ancient because they were past ‘middle age’

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