Stinking to high heaven — 4 Comments

  1. Ian

    Camomile lawns covered in dew were used by young ladies to wash their feet and bridal bouquets were introduced to diffuse body odours in the days before running hot water became the norm.

  2. Thank you for reminding me of Dublin bus…

    at rush hour..especially on a wet day! Yuk!

    Mind you, teenagers these days take body odour to the opposite extreme..with deodorant.

    I feel sorry for 2nd level teachers!

  3. I once flew from LA to Sydney sitting next to the Bikie from Hell who’d been to a Harley Convention. I don’t think he’d washed for the duration and he kept asking me ‘do you want that?’ and nicking my dessert. Gone are the days when flight toilets carried lovely Elzabeth Arden perfumes and skin care and everyone smelled of “Blue Grass” Enjoy The Boss!

  4. Of course, we arrived at the concert at 6 o’clock (for a start advertised at 7.30 which tuned out to be 8.00)and ended up about twenty rows from the stage – which is very close in a crowd of 30,000+. It was a moment when I was thankful for a cool, damp, breezy Irish spring evening

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