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  1. Terrible that sane people could end up this way. I’ve heard also of the plight of children in days gone by with conditions such as deafness or autism being incarcerated for long periods of time. Nothing wrong with them but after all the years of isolation they would no longer be able to function in normal society (I use the word normal with caution). Even sadder that nobody visited.

    In other news . . .is that a little award I spy in your sidebar! Congratulations you quiet achiever you! See, the Synod loves you after all!

  2. Steph,

    Psychiatry remains the cinderella of medicine. I think it’s got a lot to do with our utilitarian view of life. Fix limbs and organs and people are useful and productive – trying to fix minds takes much longer, is less tangible, sometimes doesn’t work at all and does not represent such a good return on investment.


    I thought you had gone away for the weekend. The prizes were presented at synod (I wasn’t there) but they didn’t judge them. The blue cross is only there because the runner up put one on his blog, so I got Grandad’s mate Ron to put one on mine. (I have no idea how this site works!)

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