A quiet start — 4 Comments

  1. Ian, I’d give you an ‘A’ for your memory! 😀

    I’m just off to collect the verdict on L.C. Paper 1!

    Here’s to Lyric FM!

  2. Steph,

    You are, of course, assuming my recall is correct. I once argued with someone that Joe Corrigan had been goalkeeper at an England match in 1978. I knew, I said, because I was there! I was there, but Corrigan hadn’t played.

    There seemed general contentment with the English paper.


    You must have done your A levels at primary school.

  3. Ah I remember taking the exam alright but not necessarily what was in it. My school didn’t have a hall at the time and we had to take what we call he Higher School Cert. at another school. Very nervy. I did King Lear for the Shakespearian component but can’t remember the novels to save my life! Good luck to the kiddywinks. Especially the ‘leaver’. Lot of pressure put on year 12.

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