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  1. Wars are ever with us, today is the 112th. birthday of the oldest survivor in Britain of WW1 he was at the battle of Jutland and maybe had similar thoughts to Archie. Will life ever change.

  2. D-Day is significant in my family.

    My father who was in the R.N., has a great story about taking part in an exercise staged in the English Channel on 5th June 1944, to confuse the Germans. Thankfully, his boat was ordered to return to base in Dartmouth for D-Day itself.

    My maternal grandfather died (from natural causes) in the UK on 6th June, 1944. His two sons (one an RAF pilot and the other serving in the British Army) got special dispensation to come home from war duty for their father’s funeral. A few days later, the RAF guy flew his small plane back to France (against advice) and was killed en route. His brother died six months later. Yet another family left with no menfolk by the time the war was over.

    I’m glad Archie story was a happier one even though his aspirations went unfulfilled.

  3. Steph,

    Sometimes watching the events of those times on the old black and white newsreels can make them seem unreal. I saw a programme once of WW2 in colour and the people suddenly came alive as individuals with their own stories.

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