Watching time — 8 Comments

  1. Three kitchen chairs and a bottle of vin de table and the world would be put to rights.

  2. Me too please . . or you’re welcome to come and sit on my verandah . .a big summer pastime for us is sitting out in the evening, drinking, chatting, dangling our legs in the pool when it’s hot or watching the storm that’s going to cool the house down roll in and dump it’s torrential payload. . . perfect end to the day!

  3. The thing about the lady in France was that she was in public space. There is still the confidence (at least in rural areas) to be a community in public spaces, thus the fetes and celebrations through the year. In Ireland we increasingly have retreated into private space.

  4. There are still many that do just that all over the world, they are called fishermen

  5. I don’t have to go to far out of my own front door to see people sitting on chairs in the street. they do still seem to do that here in the North. Might be something to do with lack of gardens. Or they sit in their metre wide front yards and chat to the neighbours ove the wall while the kids play in the street.

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