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  1. Aww, lovely memories “Barbarella”? You think? We used to have annual holidays in Anglesea or Oxwych Bay in Wales . .same thing bobbing boats and my father insisting that we buy ‘hook lines and sinkers’ but we never caught anything! Then my mother surrounded by a canvas windbreak on the beach brewing cups of tea! I can’t imagine drinking hot tea on an Aussie beach! Now we crouch under umbrellas to avoid the sun and lather ourselves in SPF 50!

  2. Barbarella is right, with the usual streaks of rust of a hard worked boat, The Cobb end of Lyme, because of it’s location, has escaped the developers, thank goodness, and yes it was a great breakfast, Thank you again

  3. Ian, We are so lucky to still have Lyme Regis unspoilt by ugly developement, I experience Lyme Regis in all its seasons as my dentist is there.I can remember as a boy visiting Sidmouth on one of the Village coach outings, I am now lucky enough to live 3 miles away from Sidmouth, The sea tonight was stained red, with 5′ waves crashing onto the beach. Exhilarating and something the holiday makers miss out on.

  4. Ian, This post has made me re-think some criticism of my parents that i had recently. My Step-Dad retired last month after 40 years in the same job and there was talk about how we would ‘treat’ Dad for his retirement present, I was in favour of a trip away, perhaps a cruise or a safari or even a once-in-a-lifetime trip to relatives in New Zealand. Instead, my parents opted for a week in a caravan in Sussex, in a small town called Winchelsea near the medieval town of Rye. This was where we had holidayed when I was a child and actually where my Dad had spent his summers as a child “hop-picking”. I couldn’t believe they would want to go THERE! After reading your post yesterday I texted Mum and Dad to ask how they were getting on, what I received was a text positively beaming about the great time they were having, a trip to bodium castle one day, another day spend in the ‘van’ as it was lashing rain and another driving around the old haunts. I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe when you’re 50 years married or just-retired trips to far-flung places don’t interest you as much as returning to the places that gave the best of memories. I’ll try not to be so harsh in my criticism in the future!

  5. I think the places dearest to our heart are the places in which we have invested our emotions – be they near or far. I worked in Newtownards, Co Down in my late twenties and had a friend there who declared that his favourite place on Earth was Portaferry, a little town no more than twenty miles away. I don’t think he ever changed in that opinion.

  6. Maria, Winchelsea, Romney, Hythe and many like places have a charm of their own, sadly today so much emphasis is put on how far you can go for a holiday amd how much you spend that the real pleasures in life tend to take second place. Happily Ian knows his Dad’s likes and dislikes

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