Roses and horse dung — 3 Comments

  1. Sorry you had so much trouble with the thoughts of the lilies. I thought that with the lilies in the Church it would have been quite visual for everyone. I did mention about the trees and the strength and solidness of them. I am sure Jesus who lived at the time he did and in the place that he did was very well versed in the ways of the land. What else would they have had then to promote growth but what was natural and available. I wonder if you would have had such trouble with your thoughts if D. F. had led the Contemplation!!!

  2. Hi Barbara,

    I think the image was a beautiful one – the problem was the listener!
    The contemplation worked though, it helped me get an angle on some of the “rubbish” stuff going on (outside the parish, I hasten to add). I think I would be hopeless on a retreat, every time I let the guard down a whole load of negative stuff comes to mind. One of the pictures I had last night was of a bulb trying to push its way up through an accumulation of dead leaves and litter – if the lilies of the field can look beautiful so effortlessly with so much to grow through, then most of the stuff that annoys me can be overcome.

  3. “A comment which had within it the seeds of a sermon, one about adversity creating depth.”

    I’d love to hear that sermon, Ian – maybe you would consider reproducing it here sometime?

    Sorry to hear the back is playing up again. Not fun.

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