Not killing pain — 6 Comments

  1. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I’ve had three general anaesthetics in my lifetime and they get better and better in terms of after effects. The last one was a doozie, 2 hour op and I was wide awake after half an hour. Look behind the couch and in the fridge . .that’s where I invariably find lost letters although I never did find last year’s Cirque du Soliel tickets!

  2. Try behind the clock!

    What is it with men and dentists, doctors etc? Good job ye never had to have a baby!

    Go have it done; the anticipation is always worse than actuality.

  3. Ya Big Baby! I was going to mention something about childbirth but Granny beat me to it.
    Don’t worry. It will be a great opportunity for a nice long nap, I’ve had 5 or 6 GA’s now and I always feel totally refreshed after a good long sleep, one that is uninterupted by a 5 year old’s feet in my back!

  4. Go on Ian go for it the anaesthetic is OK and no sooner have you dropped off you are waking up again, without feeling a thing. I had a 3 course meal after my anaesthetic. The perk of company health plans. I would do it again just for the food in the Nuffield, Exeter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck

  5. Ah! now that the borrowers have returned the letter domestic harmony will be the order of the day

  6. I got the letter on Thursday morning, but I found it on top of the photocopier, underneath a folder that had been put there on Wednesday morning. I spent three hours yesterday evening searching for that letter.

    I think the Borrowers read the consultant’s name as Dougal McGuire and thought it was addressed to the curate of Craggy Island

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