In the town where I was born . . . — 4 Comments

  1. Ian, Sorry to hear that your Mum is in hospital, can you pass on my regards and wish her a speedy recovery.
    Do you realise that I was also born in Taunton as well, I seem to remember Mother telling me that it was a small maternity hospital somewhere around the backstreets behind the Church photographed. I also seem to remember being told that the weather around the time was horrendous with a lot of flooding.
    Train from Langport to Taunton in those days!!!!!
    Love your photos Cheers Les

  2. Hi Les the name you are looking for is Cannon Street, and yes the weather was as you say horrendous lots of rain and floods, the road through Wrantage was under water

  3. Thank-you for the name and confirmation on the weather Peter, and we never had global warming then!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ooh missed this one and I love the ‘slice of life’ posts! It’s strange to see shops without canopys on them, we have them here for shade but I imagine they’d be useful in England to shelter you from the rain!

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