Living in the past — 2 Comments

  1. .. beginning to look as odd as the Queen of England being the head of state of remote countries . .

    Erm that would be us!

    It is interesting that the ‘perceived’ influence of the US is so pervasive. I watched a current affairs show last night where the host was desperately trying to get Kevin Rudd to forecast gloom and doom as a result of the American economic debacle. Kev rightly pointed out, we don’t have huge national debt, we don’t have enormous inter-bank lending,we have unemployment at less than 4% (as opposed to US 6% plus) and our economic growth does not have a zero in front of it in fact we’re still growing at 2%. Our banks are highly regulated and have minimal exposure to the US situation . . . Yet to be seen if we can survive the economic downturn in the long run but frankly, I’m glad we’re not part of the big four! Why isn’t Ireland part of NATO? And surely you have reps in the EU

  2. Foend out yesterday that our local county council has £25,000,000 tied up in Icelandic banks, Ouch! but the leader of the council claims that it will make no difference to the people who pay council tax in the county, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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