Mad and invisible — 4 Comments

  1. This has reminded me a a story from around ten years ago when my knowledge of Belfast was poor. I was driving up the Limestone Road when I saw a number of children in the road so slowed right down not wanting to hit them. Billy nearly had a heart attack and shouted at me to put my foot down. The children were rioting and I was going to drive very slowly through the middle of them while the bricks were flying. Thankfully things are much better now. I laugh about it when I think of it but when the car was damaged and Billy nearly crashed the car during a riot on the other side of the city I didn’t find it so amusing. Oh to live in that state ignorance of ten years ago.

  2. I was invisible for years, now I am considered mad!

    Like that little lady I just walk on nowadays with my bags (baggage)to whereever I am going.

  3. I’m not sure Ian, being an invisible cleric might work in Ireland but these days, it’s a Christian badge that could get you into big trouble depending on who the dissidents are!

  4. Another example of people ignoring events, and continuing with their life can be seen from stories from WW2, many refused to take shelter during raids and continued with whatever they were doing, be it a visit to the cinema, clubs, restaurants or just sleeping in their own bed. Sadly some paid with their lives but many more survived

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