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  1. The only career advisers to darken the doors of our school way back in ould God’s time were nuns! They came to encourage us to join them.

    Somehow I never saw myself in a long black habit battering my beads against my knees while singing ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music’!

    What do you think Ian?

  2. @ Grannymar

    … more likely “The hills are alive to the sound of Grannymar” 😆


    How about starting with a weekly column in one of the weekend papers? You’d have a huge fan base in no time!

    I’d highly recommend your daughter gets to see the RTE TV series ‘Junior Doctors’ produced by Mint Productions (2006). It’s a superb real-life insight into the life of a junior doc and should help her enormously in making her decision.

    Strikes me that the questionnaire your son completed, was very out of date? These days there’s a huge variety of engineering courses available to encompass all the different talents. I had the pleasure of attending my son’s college open days for engineering and I came away very envious when I saw all the choices available.

  3. @ Grannymar:

    I’m not sure about you wearing black, not really your colour.

    There is a joke about a nun giving careers advice and the sister mishearing a girl and being thankful because she thought the girl said she was going to become a Protestant

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