Childhood wrongs — 3 Comments

  1. Each generation have their own ideas on discipline, maybe in forty years time people will look back on 2008 and ask what we were doing to our children.

  2. Simplistic as it is I think some people should be licensed to breed. There have been some absolute horror stories around the world this week about the abuse of young kids and the various social services agencies lack of intervention. We’ve become too politically correct and whilst I wouldn’t like to see the return of the cane, there needs to be an ability to punish those who behave badly. Can’t even smack a kid these days and few parents have ever heard of a ‘nughty corner’ or ‘time out’. Very frustrating.

  3. I was listening to RTE Radio’s ‘World Report’ this morning. Brian O’Connell, the RTE correspondent in London was doing a piece on the Baby P case, which has filled the British media: according to a report from Ofsted, four children a week in Britain die from abuse.

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