Marie Claire Moments — 5 Comments

  1. Knowing you I think I know who your Marie Claire is.
    She did reinvent herself in a very big way – from the back streets of Naples to holidays in St Moritz and a friend of the Aga Khan. Peter Starsted knew her too!!!!!!!

  2. But does Marie Claire succeed in complete reinvention or is Sarstedt’s view of childhood memories still haunting her the more realistic view?

    How would her version of events have been written?!!

  3. Robert does not think she succeeds in complete reinvention and he thinks she is still haunted by childhood memories. She cannot completely escape her past. From the female point of view I agree and am sure her past is still part of her “story” – not to the outside world – but when she is alone in bed and looks inside her head. There have probably been many milestones in her life that she can look back on and know how she succeeded in advancing in the public eye and superficial friends. I remember you all wondered where she lived in Paris when you looked down from the Eiffel Tower. Fascinating trying to imagine another’s life from one’s own perspective.

  4. No matter how we try to exorcise our ghosts I think they lurk in the dark recesses of our minds waiting for a word, a tune or a voice to rekindle them when we least expect it..

  5. Last time we were in Paris, we walked up the Boulevard Saint Michel, looking up the side streets for fancy apartments!

    John Hume once spoke about us all being products of our past, but making a choice about whether we were prisoners of the past.

    Maybe it’s the extent to which we feel ‘held’ by the past that determines how strong the ‘ghosts’ are.

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