Eeyore’s guide to beating the recession — 6 Comments

  1. I remember what you said when you gave me that lovely pot as a wedding present. You said everyone needed something completely useless. It has dried flowers in it currently so is actually being used as a receptacle but even if it wasn’t it looks lovely and for that reason alone is not useless. We can all improvise and repurpose things in some way. There’s a whole web community and philosophy out there with regards to repurposing. It started as an environmental issue but in straitened times it has useful advice to us all.

  2. The term ‘maiden aunts’ is one I have not heard for years. I have a ‘Pooh pot’ or rather a Nut Tin for all those ‘someday I might need it’ bits and pieces. I am sure if I looked in it right now I might find a blog post….!

  3. Paula,

    I wish someone would repurpose our government; in fact, if they had been purposed in the first place, things might not have got so bad.


    If you buy an Eeyore in Disneyland, you can hardly expect the finer points of Milne’s dialogue!


    My friend is of a generation when it would have been a common term. ‘Maiden aunt’, for me, always conjures up thoughts of the aunts who so terrified Bertie Wooster in P.G. Wodehouse’s books

  4. Will it really be this bad? We had recession in the 80s, again in the 90s and the wheels didn’t totally fall off although I agree that with all this ‘bailing’ out of wobbly big business, there must be something governments can do to provide unemployment. (I have a basket on my kitchen bench that has a collection of useless things . . .at least I know where to look for some blu tac!)

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