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  1. I think ‘humility’ is one of the hardest traits to develop but it won’t stop me trying. As an aside, I was recently told that the word “craic” was originally spelled “crack” but the Irish changed it to give it a more ‘Irish’ tone. I can understand people having difficulty with some of the pronounciations but once you’ve been corrected . . accept it and do the right thing.

  2. Hi Baino,

    I looked up the Wikipedia entry for ‘craic’; it was always ‘crack’ in the North. Loads of words move from language to language and I assume that the spelling changed on account of there being no ‘k’ in the Irish alphabet. It’s extraordinary that someone can get so worked up about spelling!

  3. You have to hope that the chairman never has to introduce a ‘Siobhán’ or a ‘Cathal’.

    Married as I am to an Englishman, I frequently hear ‘SIO-BANN’ or ‘KA-HALL’ and he’s left wondering why the rest of the family are laughing at him 😀

  4. I wondered what he would have made of Caoimhe, Aoife, Eoghan and Eimhin.

    My tax inspector’s surname is the hardest: Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh

  5. You forgot ‘Maedhbh’ 😀

    And I forgot to add…

    at least my hubby has the humility to be able to laugh at himself when struggling to get the Irish pronunciation right.

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