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  1. I guess we’ll never know! I’m not really one for pondering gravestones. In fact my own deceased family members would ‘turn’ in their graves if they knew I never visited. Perhaps someone like you sees their little plaques and ponders their lives and achievements.

  2. I agree, Ian – that Kaiser headstone is fascinating.

    It would be fantastic if this post were to come to the attention of someone who could answer your questions.

    I love the way headstones bring history alive.

  3. I wonder how we could begin that search… maybe someday a relative will emerge with the information… would anyone be interested enough to make a tv documentary about it?

  4. Looking for a birth record for May 1901 either in our
    Records here or in Belfast would be the place to start,Kaiser being an unusual surname, it would be easy to find if the child was born in the district of the Church Graveyard. This would give the Mother’s maiden name and the father’s Profession,often giving more clues to identity of the family.
    Also the baptismal records could be checked in the Church, as the child may have been baptised there. This record, from memory from my own family research, may give the father’s profession and possibly the family address.
    The death record too for the child,will give cause of death, parent’s name and possibly family address, As with the birth cert. I would start with the locality
    of the graveyard and Church. His mother Ann may have been from the area.
    The 1901 census too, available for all of this island, may be another source for finding this family, a month before the birth of the child, if they were resident then, again I would start with the
    townland or locality of the Church.
    After that, German birth records………..

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