Sermon for Christmas Eve 2008 — 4 Comments

  1. Great sermon Ian and no I don’t believe that Jesus was God but I do believe in a good man, with a strong moral code and a divine message of sorts. Have a wonderful Christmas,you are thought provoking and keep me on my toes!

  2. Have a very happy and blessed Christmas!

    Thank you so much for your thought provoking blog, always worth reading. This time I was touched by your Thomas Hardy reference – I was reared in Hardy country. I too grew up with the West Country accent all about me. I once had a book, sadly now lost, of poems by Thomas Barnes, who wrote in Dorset dialect. Here is one of his you may like.

    Zummer An’ Winter

    When I led by zummer streams
    The pride o’ Lea, as naighbours thought her,
    While the zun, wi’ evenen beams,
    Did cast our sheades athirt the water;
    Winds a-blowen,
    Streams a-flowen,
    Skies a-glowen,
    Tokens ov my jay zoo fleeten,
    Heightened it, that happy meeten.

    Then, when maid an’ man took pleaces,
    Gay in winter’s Chris’mas dances,
    Showen in their merry feaces
    Kindly smiles an’ glisnen glances;
    Stars a-winken,
    Day a-shrinken,
    Sheades a-zinken,
    Brought anew the happy meeten,
    That did meake the night too fleeten.

    William Barnes

  3. Baino, That’s Vincent Browne’s line in today’s ‘Irish Times’. I’m not sure one can separate the moral teaching from the spiritual claims; if the latter are delusional, then we must ask what authority have Jesus’ ethics?

  4. Joc,

    Thanks for the poem. My Somerset accent is not very good now, but I can hear the lines in my head.

    Happy Christmas to you.

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