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  1. Less than a month ago, I found myself walking on those Polish sleepers at the terminus of Hell, trying to understand why they had been put there. I couldn’t.

  2. And we’re not even allowed to use proper sleepers on site anymore!!!!!they might pollute the garden.!!!!Artifacts of the early 21st century….DECKING!!!!, laminate flooring,leather 3 pieces and 42″ plasma screen tele’s!!!!!!!!!!The Toyota Prius!!I have a very hazy memory of the bottom Langport station (on the yeovil line)when it was still in use.

  3. Bock,

    When I was young, I read everything I could find on the Holocaust. At university I did a course on Fascism and National Socialism. I now find it increasingly difficult to approach the subject. I have always felt that everyone should travel to Poland, but have never made the journey. I cannot understand anti-Semitism; I cannot begin to understand the thought processes behind the Final Solution.

    I think Heaney’s reference is to Milosz – it throws a dark shadow over a piece that would otherwise be domestic.

  4. and in forty years time people will be saying what was Woolworths, like so much else gone never to return

  5. Hmmm Decking is not too well tanalized so it could have disappeared I suppose…you’re right the ‘chavs’will have thrown the rest away in the next 5 years and installed the next latest fashion statement!!!!

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