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  1. Wow that’s weird. Advertising is still big business here but now its billboards with “Harvey Norman, 500 days Interest Free”. Perhaps they’re waiting for the new year to bring in their new advertising. Perhaps with other media, billboard advertising is no longer working. Perhaps they’re just sick of wiping off the graffiti that you mentioned in your last post . . .an omen? I don’t think so although I wouldn’t miss them if they did disappear. (Hope you had a lovely Christmas)

  2. The boards at Pearse now have five of the six panels covered – but one is still blank. Unsold space?

  3. Even dear old Bill Stickers might be welcome. At least it would be a sign of stuff going on. One of the big hoardings on a gable wall in Donnybrook was blank when I passed it yesterday. When the main road from south Dublin is not worth an advertisement, there is not much confidence.

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