New Year Resolution — 3 Comments

  1. Nice one 😀

    I hope that hand will be there for you when you need it on the ski slopes!

    Can we get Downtown radio from Dublin?

  2. Beautifully tied-in Ian. I don’t believe that it’s going to be the worst recession since the 1930s, (maybe on paper but the circumstances are entirely different) there was no Goverment protection or bail out then but investor confidence is a huge issue. You’re right about not knowing how long it’s going to last but we’ve lived through two or three recessions in our lifetime and managed to come out the other end. Great post.

  3. Hi…I quoted the very same passage on Thought for the Day on 1st January! And your sermon for this Sunday could be substituted for mine….for girl with orange hair read young man with total head tatoo and over thirty piercings… Encouraging to find that you’re not alone when you do a “rant”! Have a wonderful new year and call in at Saint Nicholas’ Rectory soon…

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