Rethinking economic virtues — 1 Comment

  1. Beverly Cooper Flynn’s €41,000 is not the only example of bizarre behaviour from a government that expects people to accept any medicine that it decides, in consultation with its usual supporters, to inflict on us to solve the economic problems. Reading an obituary of Tony Ayton on Saturday I was astounded to see that it gives tax concessions to ships flying flags of convenience! I wonder if this is a way of supporting the people who run Irish Ferries, the Low Pay Ferry Company?

    Listening to Pat McArdle, an Ulster Bank economist, telling the government on RTE Morning Ireland today that pay cuts, especially in the Public Service were essential, I found it almost hard to believe that it was the policies of the banks that made a major contribution to the economic nightmare that faces people today. It is also hard to accept that we taxpayer are bailing out Anglo-Irish Bank when its Chief Executive, €87 million worth of Seán Fitzpatrick, was one of those who said that medical cards should be taken from over 70s. If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable!

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