The things they never say . . . — 6 Comments

  1. Hey, Miriam’s has your gift of words (and how to use them!). That’s a very moving piece. And Countdown just isn’t the same with the new presenters, however good they are. “A life retold by a bishop…” wonder what he’d say…

  2. Ah a lovely unspoken eulogy for her Nana . . .funny how ‘smells’ remind us of people, I put a face washer to my face the other morning and it had a strange Palmolive coal tar smell that reminded me of my own grandma . . .very peculiar because I don’t use Palmolive at all . . .and I’m sure she’s smiling.

  3. Was sure I commented on this before…….

    Anyway, well done to your daughter for a well-written piece. I almost felt that I knew Peggy Noble myself after reading it. God rest her soul.

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