Confused conversations — 3 Comments

  1. Who were you talking to? I have a friend who doesn’t visit her mother any more because of conversations like these. I think it cruel and unusual. Who cares if you travel the same road of conversation . . .it’s company for the sufferer and for a short time at least, they probably appreciate it.

  2. I was out on my rounds – the pastoral stuff for which no-one ever gave a hint of rights and wrongs

  3. How well I understand your difficulty, Ian

    Confused conversations with my parents are the norm now. At least I have the added bonus of being able to fill a void with a hug. Humour is useful too when the words dry up. You learn to avoid questions as they only emphasise the difficulties.

    They both love to hear news from the outside world. When I finally run out of chat, my father usually pipes up with “Well, any news?” You gotta laugh, otherwise you’d cry. That’s when we go for our walk.

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