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  1. Quote: … there could be no place for diversity; there could be no questioning of authority. Scripture was invoked in support of beating children, in support of oppressing women; in granting no tolerance to anyone who did not conform.

    Hmm. So they weren’t that different from Catholics in the South then?

  2. I only read McQuaid’s biography in the autumn; there were striking parallels in the two very dysfunctional societies.

  3. I’m not sure how long ago you’re speaking about but that certainly wasn’t my experience as a ‘protestant’. I always found it friendly and casual with Sunday School (something Catholics don’t do). We used to attend the first 15 minutes of the service then move to the school hall for hours of entertainment and colouring fun . . .I found the catholic ‘faith’ far more restrictive and dogmatic although things have changed there dramatically in the past 20 years – then the Irish take religion much more seriously than the Aussies I think.

  4. I’ve just finished a frenzied hour of colouring and cutting and stcking with our little Sunday School. I think the adults enjoy it as much as the children. We try to do a bit of learning along the way too but I try to take Freda Webb as my example and hopefully leave the children with fond memories of coming to SS although there won’t be any impulsive piling into a car for a little trip out somewhere.

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