Weathering the recession — 4 Comments

  1. All well and good if you can hang onto your old money. What’s that about it takes one generation to make it, another to maintain it and the third to lose it! Having said that, the richest person I ever met, wore the same scruffy beige cardigan everytime I saw him. OK he bought the wife a Merc but drove his Holden Ute into the ground bless him!

  2. Nicely observed, Ian – long live eccentricity!

    Old money probably means land, of course. If you have that, what need for fripperies? But there will be many from that class, younger sons and daughters, or those who have lost the land, for whom the shabby coat, the battered shoes and the cold house signal not genteel eccentricity but necessity. We need to watch out for them too.

  3. I would agree with you, Joc. I once knew a family where the money had gone completely and where the daughter seemed lost in the world. Having a different set of priorities might, however, help even in the difficult times.

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