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  1. This has just raised a question that I asked myself today having sat through a meeting with social workers while going through the process of trying to foster Billy’s half brother. The wee boys mother was there. She is the same age as me but looks in her fifties with a face ravaged by drugs and drink. I could feel her frustration at not being able to have her son and the fact that she was unable to articulate her wishes or find a way to deal with her problems. I wondered how much was down to poor education and background. Her daughter now twenty three sat beside her. Her son also taken into care due to her use of drugs and alcohol. Herself a prodigy of the care system. No help for them. No way to help them understand that they couldn’t keep repeating the cycle. Perhaps some good old basic skills would have put them in a better position in life. I don’t know. I just found it all so sad.

  2. Ian, I think looking back to Primary School for me at High Ham was great, and yes I can also remember learning about the different civilisations. I wonder also what the namby pamby ‘elf and safety lot would say about the older boys filling the coal scuttles up from the coal shed that was by the cloakroom on the way to the outside toilets, to fuel the big solid fuel haters in Miss Rabbage and Miss Everitts classrooms!!!! or about us kids washing up the milk bottles in the afternoon!!!!!We thought nothing of it did we? it was just something that had to be done.Something else that sticks in my mind (probably because we didn’t have one at home was the school television (black and white!!!) that was on the tall wheeled stand and was kept in the dinner room…Oh how I looked forward to Miss Rabbage bringing it out!!!

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