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  1. Mmmmmm Jeyes fluid reminds me of cleaning out Ted Goulds cow stalls when I was a teenager after the cows were let out after the Winter……And when I smell Daffodils it reminds me of the Ascension Day service and the hoisting of the crown of flowers up on the screen at High Ham Church…..then the treat of going up the Church Tower..

  2. Oh my the schoolyard memories you bring back (and I don’t know where this came from) but when someone was sick on the floor,the janitor would come and cover it with sawdust, leave it for a while, clean it up and wash the floor with something as pungent as Jeyes if indeed that wasn’t what it was . . .I prefer the smell of gardenias and orange jasmine personally. Out here I use a 25 litre bottle of pool chlorine .. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re as messy as me, I have white splotches all over my tracky dacks!

  3. Wow Ian you certainly set me off on the memories trail.

    I actually like the smell of Jayes Fluid despite all the times I was sent out with it to clean up the passage way from the back door to the garden when I was young. The loos in my primary school were out in the schoolyard and the smell was similar to outdoor loos found at the seaside.

    I remember walking to the bank late one morning in Wiesbaden and suddenly I got the smell of frying onions from an open window, it brought me back to mammy’s kitchen and for five minutes I was very homesick.

    Two smells I will always associate with Northern Ireland — burning tyres and the local brand of liquid the farmers spread on the fields, you know the stuff I mean!

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