Borrowing problems — 4 Comments

  1. Well made points, particularly about MABS. Their case load has increased by up to 50% in some areas, with little increase in staff. Clients may have to wait up to 3 months for an appointment. St Vincent de Paul too is faced with the same rapid rise in calls for assistance. The Government should respond of course, but the desparate cannot wait. We need to encourage more private charitable giving too.

  2. Yet ironically as my credit card is almost maxed out, I was offered another $10,000 credit . .yep, not $5,000 or $2,000 or ‘you’d better get a wiggle on paying off your debt’!

  3. The most depressing thing, I find, is that the sums of money that would make a huge difference to the life of a poor person are the sort of amounts that banking executives would spend on lunch.

    I agree about the private charitable giving, I have been trying to encourage it in our own parish.

  4. My Visa card has a €15,000 limit (AUS$30,000) – which is equivalent to 40% of my annual Church of Ireland stipend of €37,000 – mad stuff!

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