Not singing the lines — 2 Comments

  1. Ian, I can’t gauge the mood over there but we’ve had recessions before. Three in my lifetime and we’ve come through. why is this one so different? What is it about this one that has everyone in a pall of gloom and doom. You know, It’s a little like the Vietnam war. The first truly accessible and televised war, it’s as if we’d never been to war before unless we were personally involved. I blame he media so much for whipping up a frenzy of depression. Life will go on. Economies will recover . . then perhaps I’m trying to cheer myself up. My job’s on the line!

  2. The media here are certainly milking the story, but I think it has hit Ireland very badly because (for the first time in history) the country had become a prosperous place. Now we appear like the woman, whose name escapes me, (Viv something?), who won the football pools and spent every penny of it and ended up with nothing.

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