Hope in hopelessness — 3 Comments

  1. Nice one, Ian. And helpful to me. I’ve been thinking about Christian hope while preparing to deliver the Omega Climate Change course this Lent. Your quote from Paul (Romans 8:28) is the perfect hook.
    Thank you!

  2. Paul’s writing is never easy and Romans must be amongst the most difficult, but that verse came immediately to mind when I read Eyres’ words. Paul, of course, would not attribute to goodness in the world to worldly sources.

  3. I can’t claim that my experience has global implications but things do work out in some fashion. Yesterday i was talking to Billy about having had to stop work for a while because of the unpredictability of meniere’s diseasebut if I hadn’t done that then I wouldn’t have had the time or energy for Ben to come and live with us and I think it’s obvious which is the greater blessing.

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